About Us

Customer satisfaction is the principle which molds all of the operations of OEM XS. We believe that the primary source of our customers' satisfaction is the outstanding quality of the products we sell and service. Our employees are 100% customer service based from the phone to the dock, it is all about the customer and maintaining the highest possible level of customer service. We know that true customer satisfaction can be accomplished only by the active participation of each of our employees. OEM XS expects an uncompromising personal commitment to the highest standards of quality, and the acceptance of personal responsibility for all work.

OEM XS primary business focus is the resale of recently discontinued or end of life product from the manufacturers. By incorporating reverse logistics, managing products past the manufacturing stage, we are able to secure products that retain a value in the global market place for resale. Products that may be in need of testing, repair or refurbishment are given extended life and value as part of our reverse logistics process. In house we have the technicians with the expertise and test center to refurbish and repair the products we sell that are backed by our OEM XS warranty.